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Looking for a new Water Tank? or a new Septic Tank? Need more Liquid Storage Tanks? Want some expert advice about the advantages and disadvantages of Plastic Tanks vs. Galvanized Steel?

Want to be able to view tanks for sale on-the-ground, not just on-the-computer?

Loomis Tank Centers can be your solution for steel, fiberglass and plastic tanks for liquid storage, fluid transport and advanced septic tank waste management solutions!

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Want to buy a new water tank or cistern water tank?

Buying a new water tank is an important decision, and Loomis offers every type of modern water tank or water cistern!

Loomis is the largest wholesale and retail distributor of fiberglass, steel and polyethylene / plastic water tanks in the United States.

Whether you're looking for a water tank for sale made of top quality galvanized steel, fiberglass or plastic water tanks -- or a polyethylene or fiberglass water cistern -- Loomis is your answer.

We stock an extremely wide range of water tank sizes and capacities and have the largest selection of water storage tanks for sale on-the-ground and ready for delivery at our 20 factory-direct locations and over 20 distributors nationwide.

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Need a new septic tank or rock-free leach field solution?

A quality septic tank and leach field system is integral to the value of your rural property. If you're looking for a new septic tank, we offer fiberglass and plastic tanks for septic applications in many sizes and capacities.

We are a pioneering distributor of the Infiltrator leach field system -- the original plastic septic leach field chamber developed over 25 years ago that now has over 1 million septic systems installed in all 50 states and 13 countries!

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Need tanks to store and transport fluid chemicals and liquid fertilizers on a farm or ranch?

Loomis is also the premier supplier of tanks and fluid management systems designed to serve farms and ranches with economical bulk storage and transportation of chemicals and fertilizers, including plastic tanks for Ag liquid storage tanks, transport and sprayer tanks, plastic and fiberglass stock troughs.

Loomis Tanks has the Ag fluid storage tanks for sale that you need -- ready to be shipped to be shipped to your home or business!

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Storage tanks for sale near you!

We have seven stores in California, Arizona and Nevada and a nationwide network over 40 independent distributors and over 40 manufacturing points.

When you buy a water tank or septic tank from Loomis it can be picked up or delivered from any store or manufacturing point -- and we are experienced at rapidly fulfilling orders.

Loomis offers nationwide tank delivery to all fifty states, and works with a number of trucking companies in order to provide our customers with the most economical tank shipping prices available -- and the most rapid delivery of your new water storage tank, septic tank or other fluid storage tanks.

Our experience assures highest quality -- and saves you money!

The origins of our family businesses in California date back to 1905. The multi-generational depth of experience within the present Loomis Tank Centers management and long-term staff is unequaled in tank manufacturing and distribution in the United States, and assures our clients that they are getting the most informed advice about their tank purchase, whether it is a septic tank, water tank or other fluid storage tank.

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We treat our clients like family.

Our family owned business has proudly supplied storage tanks of all types to contractors, homeowners, farmers, ranchers, industrial engineers, governments and municipalities -- we consider our clients family.

At Loomis Tank Centers you always get exemplary customer service. We have continuously provided excellent service for over a quarter century.

Whether it's a septic tank, water tank or storage tanks for chemicals and fertilizers, whether you're looking for steel, fiberglass or plastic tanks, Loomis Tank Centers has the tanks for sale that you need!

Call 800-549-5514 and find out why thousands have chosen Loomis when choosing a tank!