Polyethylene (Poly) Water Tank Fittings & Accessories

General Information:

  • Fittings range in size from 1/2" to 6".
  • Available in PVC, poly, polypro, powder coated steel and stainless steel.
  • Bolted, non-bolted and flange fittings available in male or female thread.
  • Variety of gasket material and thickness available.

Polyethylene Fitting Sizes

Polypropylene (PP) bulkhead fittings are the most popular type of fitting for poly tanks. Single hole cut makes installation a snap. Includes EPDM gasket.

Polypropylene Fittings Sizes
Part Number Fitting Type Fitting Size Hole Size Required for Install Fitting Price
LNW62834 Bulkhead 0.50" 1-7/16" TBD
LNW60401 Bulkhead 0.75" 1-7/16" TBD
LNW62798 HD Bulkhead 0.75" 1-5/8" TBD
LNW60427 Bulkhead 1.0" 2-1/4" TBD
LNW60403 Bulkhead 1.25" 2-1/4" TBD
LNW60124 Bulkhead 1.50" 3" TBD
LNW60405 Bulkhead 2.00" 3" TBD
LNW63683 HD Bulkhead 2.00" 3-1/4" TBD
LNW62299 Bulkhead 3.00" 4-1/2" TBD
LNW62171 Bulkhead 4.00" 5-3/4" TBD

Banjo Polypropylene Bolted Fittings

Banjo Polypropylene Bolted Fittings offer a secure fit with the addition of bolts for the best option fitting for poly tanks. Includes EPDM gasket.

Banjo Polypropylene Bolted Fittings with EPDM Gaskets
Part Number Fitting Type Fitting Size Hole Size Required for Install Fitting Price
LBJBF150 PolyPro Bolted Fitting 1.50" TBD TBD
LBJBF200 PolyPro Bolted Fitting 2.00" TBD TBD
LBJBF235 PolyPro Bolted Fitting 2.00" TBD TBD
LBJBF300 PolyPro Bolted Fitting 3.00" TBD TBD

Powder-Coated Steel Bolted Fittings W/CCNS Gasket

Steel Bolted fittings are mostly installed on poly tanks as a fire connection. Single hole, with 4 bolts makes installation secure for increased water pressure. Includes EPDM gasket.

Steel Bolt Fittings Sizes
Part Number Fitting Type Fitting Size Hole Size Required for Install Fitting Price
LAWBOLT250 Steel Bolted 2.50" TBD" TBD
LAWBOLT300 Steel Bolted 3.00" TBD" TBD
LAWBOLT400 Steel Bolted 4.00" TBD" TBD
LAWBOLT600 Steel Bolted 6.00" TBD" TBD
LAWBOLTGASKET Gasket 2.5" - 4" N/A" TBD

Float Assemblies

Float assemblies allow for automatic water replacment when water is being consumed

Float Assemblies
Part Number Float Type Float Size Float Price
LKEPS75SS Mechanical Float Valve 0.75" TBD
LKEPS100SS Mechanical Float Valve 1.00" TBD
LKEPS150SS Mechanical Float Valve 1.50" TBD

Water Tank Lids

Replacement lids and venting for polyethylene tanks

Water Tank Lids and Venting
Part Number Part Description Fitting Price
LNW63679 22" Lid/4" Vent/Ring TBD
LNW60038 16" Lid/4" Vent/Ring TBD
LNW63485 16" Lid/Blue Vent/Ring TBD
LNW60032 8" Lid/Vent/Ring TBD
LNW63480 8" Lid w/Blue Vent Only TBD
LNW64150 4" Vent (16" Lid) TBD
LNW60019 4" Vent (16" Lid) TBD
LNW63482 Blue Snap in Vent TBD

Additonal Accessories

Additonal accessories for polyethylene tanks

Additional Accessories
Part Number Part Description Fitting Price
LBR057HOSEBIB 3/4"Hose Bib TBD
LBR075HOSEBV 3/4"Hose Bib Ball Valve TBD
LBR075GARDVAL 3/4" Garden Valve TBD
LBR100GARDVAL 1" Garden Valve TBD
LBR250MPTXMHT 2.5" Brass Hose Adapter TBD
LBR250CAP 2.5" Brass Hose Cap TBD
LGV250CLOSENIP 2.5" Galv Close Nipple TBD
LGV400X250RED 4" x 2.5" Galv Reducer TBD
LGV300X250BUSH 3" x 2.5" Galv Bushing TBD

Steel Flex Couplers

Steel Flex Couplers are used when the plumbing is hard piped to allow for some movement between the tank and the plumbing lines

Steel Flex Couplers
Part Number Fitting Type Fitting Size Overall Length Fitting Price
LPBFLEX150 Steel Flex Coupler 1.50" TBD TBD
LPBFLEX200 Steel Flex Coupler 2.00" TBD TBD
LPBFLEX250 Steel Flex Coupler 2.50" TBD TBD
LPBFLEX300 Steel Flex Coupler 3.00" TBD TBD
LPBFLEX400 Steel Flex Coupler 4.00" TBD TBD

Polypro Bolted Ball Valves

Polypro Bolted Ball Valves offers a FKM (viton type seal), PTFE self-lubricationg stem bushings and seats cannot stick or bind, Percision molded, reinforced for extra strength, opens and closes with low pressure for easy handling and uses stainless steel bolts for high end efficiency

Polypro Bolted Ball Valves
Part Number Valve Type Fitting Size Bolt Type Fitting Price
LBJV100 Ball Valve 1.00" Stainless Steel TBD
LBJV125 Ball Valve 1.25" Stainless Steel TBD
LBJV150 Ball Valve 1.50" Stainless Steel TBD
LBJV200 Ball Valve 2.00" Stainless Steel TBD
LBJV300 Ball Valve 3.00" Stainless Steel TBD
LBJV400 Ball Valve 4.00" Stainless Steel TBD

Banjo Polypro Screened Vents

Banjo Screened vents are made from glass reinforced polypropylene that offers the abillity to allow for addtional venting as needed for a greater water flow.

Banjo Screened Vents
Part Number Vent Type Fitting Size Fitting Type Fitting Price
LBJVC230 Screened Vent 2.00" Male NPT TBD
LBJVC330 Screened Vent 3.00" Male NPT TBD

Brass Gate Valves

Brass Gate Valves are mainly used for completley stopping to flow of liquid. not recommended for controlling flow of liquid.

Brass Gate Valves
Part Number Valve Type Fitting Size Material Type Fitting Price
LBR075GATEVAL Gate Valve .75" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR100GATEVAL Gate Valve 1.00" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR125GATEVAL Gate Valve 1.25" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR150GATEVAL Gate Valve 1.50" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR200GATEVAL Gate Valve 2.00" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR250GATEVAL Gate Valve 2.50" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR300GATEVAL Gate Valve 3.00" Brass (lead free) TBD
LBR400GATEVAL Gate Valve 4.00" Brass (lead free) TBD

Water Level Sight Gauges

Water level indicators provide "from a distance" gauges on the remaing amount of water on opaque tanks

Steel Bolt Fittings Sizes
Part Number Size Gauge Type Gallons Indicator Sight Guage Price
LAW10FTSG 10 ft. Steel Pole with Marker No TBD
LMTLEVELGAUGE 8 ft. Mechanical Gauge Yes TBD
SightTube<10' 10 ft. or less Clear Plastic Tube No TBD
SightTube>10' 10 ft. to 20 ft. Clear Plastic Tube No TBD
75" Poly Tubing Per Foot Poly Tube No TBD