Homeowner Products

Homeowner ProductsProtecting your investment is a critical aspect to owning a home. There are many products on the market, so choosing can be difficult. It is important to trust companies with experience when it comes to equipping your home or property. Fortunately, Loomis Tank Centers has over twenty years' experience helping homeowners make informed decisions.

Customer Care
With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we pride ourselves on personal, individualized care for our customers. We help you find the right product for your specific project. Our sales staff can explain the features and benefits of the products we offer, along with installation tips and warranty information. Contact a sales rep today at (800) 549-5514 for a no-pressure discussion about your needs.

Quality Products
For homeowners, quality is not only important for longevity but also essential to safeguarding homes, families and businesses. Our products are FDA rated for safe use, and are made from high quality, high density materials. From fire protection tanks, to rain harvesting components, to septic systems, these products are built to last for decades and include meaningful warranties. We have a company policy of refusing to put our name on inferior manufacturing, so you can trust that when you see an item under the Loomis name it is guaranteed to last.

Affordable Shipping
We do not advertise our prices or freight online because prices vary greatly depending on the product, the shipping origin and the shipping destination. Please contact us so we can put a custom quote together for you. You can either call one of our offices or fill out the quote request form. We work with multiple freight companies and factories to access the most competitive rates.

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