Specialty Polyethylene (Poly) Water Tanks

These unique water tanks come in a wide variety of space saving shapes and sizes. This makes them ideal for fitting through doorways, sliding under decks and modular buildings, and placing against walls. Water storage applications include drinking water, rainwater harvesting, disaster preparedness, septic and grey water systems and many other uses.

Loomis sells tanks from the following manufacturers (scroll down to see all models)

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Tank dimensions and fitting placement may vary slightly. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Norwesco Specialty Water TanksLow Profile Norwesco Specialty Water Tanks

Due to the instability of the polyethylene market and the multiple price increases in the past 6 months, we are temporarily taking the prices off our website. Please feel free to contact us at 800-549-5514 or email us at info@loomistank.com for current pricing, lead times, and freight rates.

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Norwesco Specialty Water Tanks
Part Number Type Capacity Weight Dimensions Lids & Fittings Factory Locations Price PDF
LNW44800 Freestand 100 gallons 41 lbs 38"L x 22"W x 45"T 8"Lid / 1.25" Outlet MN, OK, IA
LNW45716 Freestand 150 gallons 48 lbs 50"L x 18"W x 53"T 12"Lid / 1.25" Outlet UT, WA, CA
LNW42337 Freestand 250 gallons 115 lbs 62"L x 29"W x 40"T 16"Lid / 1.25"Outlet UT, WA, CA
LNW44960 Freestand 300 gallons 110 lbs 59"L x 25"W x 65"T 16"Lid / 1.25"Outlet UT, WA, CA
LNW44330 Freestand 300 gallons 110 lbs 66"L x 29"W x 50"T 16"Lid / 1.25" Outlet MN, OH, GA, OK, NY, IA
LNW43856 Freestand 400 gallons 184 lbs 66"L x 29"W x 70"T 16"Lid / 1.25"Outlet ALL
LNW43616 Freestand 500 gallons 215 lbs 74"L x 31"W x 70"T 16" Lid / 1.25"Outlet ALL
LNW44310 Freestand 750 gallons 325 lbs 82"L x 35"W x 85"T 16"Lid / 2"Outlet MN, OH, OK
LNW40756 Low Pro 1250 gallons 355 lbs 130"L x 81"W x 38"T 16"Lid / 2"Outlet OK
LNW43011 Low Pro 1275 gallon 370 lbs 126"L x 84"W x 36"T 16"Lid / 2"Outlet MN, OK
LNW41392 Low Pro 1500 gallon 465 lbs 130"L x 81"W x 44"T 16"Lid / 2"Outlet OK
LNW43013 Low Pro 1600 gallon 480 lbs 126"L x 84"W x 42"T 16"Lid / 2"Outlet MN, OH
LNW40912 Box 2400 gallon 680 lbs 150"L x 90"W x 53"T 16"Lid / 2"Outlet MN, OH, TX
Economical storage for water or other chemicals. Available in open top (with lid) or closed top (tight head) configurations. Color choices are blue or black. Units are factory reconditioned. Now available – poly drums made of FDA listed materials for potable water.