Plastic Water Tanks, Cisterns, Rainwater & Water Storage Tanks

If you're looking for water storage tanks, cisterns, rainwater collection and harvesting systems and other water management systems, Loomis is your one-stop solution!

Loomis Tank Centers carry a wide selection of above and below ground poly water tank models and durable cisterns. In addition, we offer many types of specialty plastic water tank designs, rainwater barrels, transport tanks for hauling water, and open top stock troughs.

For your convenience, most of our water storage tanks come with standard fittings free of charge, and a wide range of additional specialty fittings and accessories are also available.

A poly plastic water tank is your best solution when buying new water storage tanks

Durable - A Loomis poly water tank is made to last! Our water storage tanks put into service over 20 years ago are still performing perfectly today. The UV stabilized polyethylene resin used to manufacture a Loomis plastic water tank is formulated to protect our water storage tanks from the harmful effects of the sun.

Non-corrosive, rust-proof, impact resistant and unaffected by extreme hot or cold outside temperatures your Loomis poly water storage tank is designed to last an extremely long time. A Loomis plastic water tank is FDA, NSF & NRCS approved.

Easy to handle and install lightweight plastic water storage tanks - Loomis understands that often water storage tanks must be placed in a location not readily accessible.

A plastic water tank is extremely portable, and choosing a Loomis poly water tank makes the job of installation much simpler and easier. Most water tank sizes can be transported using a standard sized pickup or a lightweight trailer. Once at the site, a poly water tank can be manually maneuvered, rolled and lifted into position - expensive, heavy equipment is usually not required to install a poly water storage tank.

A Loomis poly water tank can be set on native soil or a simple sand pad -- no expensive concrete or gravel pad needed!

Maintenance Free Water Storage Tanks - A Loomis plastic water tank requires virtually zero maintenance. Typically offered in dark green or black opaque colors -- which helps prevent algae growth -- a poly water tank almost never needs cleaning. Unlike steel tanks which inevitably eventually corrode and spring pinhole leaks, a plastic water tank is rust proof. In the unlikely event of damage to a poly water tank, repair is easy using nothing more than poly cord and a heat gun!

Loomis Tanks Center Water Storage Tanks in Paso RoblesEconomical - When shopping for a plastic water tank, most of us are looking for a good deal, and Loomis prides itself of selling polyethylene tanks at very competitive prices!

Due to the fact that we operate 9 retail stores with on-the-ground inventory, you save expensive freight charges that can occur when shipping to your location from a tank manufacturer's factory. Our extensive inventories also means you can get product in a timely manner because we usually have the product in stock.

Loomis Tanks also offers factory direct shipping to customers that are not in close proximity to our stores. In such cases, our customers benefit greatly from our unbeatable freight rates -- we work with the best transportation companies in the business!

When looking for water tanks for sale, remember that size counts! - With nine locations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada and a nationwide network of over 120 independent distributors and manufacturing points, Loomis offers the widest selection of water storage tanks for sale in the United States.

Our inventory of water storage tanks includes above ground and in-ground poly cisterns; rainwater collection and harvest systems; water hauling tanks; specialty tanks; stock tanks and open-top troughs and all the water tank fitting and accessories you can dream of!

Our selection of water storage tanks includes an unmatched variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on the type of tank, tank capacities range from 35 gallons to 10,000 gallons.

Delivery available - freight rates available upon request.

Delivery available - freight rates available upon request.
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