Wholesale Pricing for Distributors

Over the last twenty years, Loomis Tank Centers has built a large network of over 80 distributors across many states. Because of our volume as the largest tank company in the US with on-the-ground inventory, we are able to negotiate great pricing with manufacturers. Many companies find they can get better prices through us than from manufacturers directly.

Get Products When You Need Them
Not only do our distributors have access to our vast factory direct network, but also from inventory out of our nine stores. This ensures a greater chance that you will be able to obtain products, despite an industry that has notorious lead times due to the nature of rotomolding. We work hard to create solutions for you that are fitting to your needs.

Get Support When You Need It
From sales to product knowledge support, Loomis has several ways to care for your needs as a distributor and to ensure you make a profit. When you call our offices you are able to speak to a real person, and get quotes in a reasonable amount of time.

High Margin Pricing and Freight
Distributors have the option of ordering from one of our retail locations and receiving approximately 20% off retail. Factory orders for FTL (full truckload) quantities offer up to 47% off of list price. LTL (less than truckload) orders are discounted by approximately 30%. Items on trucks can be mixed and matched to suit your business needs. We do not advertise our prices or freight online because prices vary greatly depending on the product, origin and destination. We do, however, work with multiple freight companies and factories to access the most competitive rates. We can negotiate shipping for you, or you can opt to cover it internally, even with the option for direct factory pickup. Any way you slice it, we work hard to find the best way to cover your needs. Credit terms are also available.

Contact Us
Please contact us so we can put a custom quote together for you. You can either call (800) 549-5514 or fill out the form below.