Vineyard & Winery Tanks

Loomis Tank Centers offers a variety of liquid storage tanks for the wine making industry.

From wine holding & fermintation tanks to water storage and transport tanks, Loomis has the selection to meet your needs.

Wine Storage and Fermentation Tanks - Polyethylene Plastic

Many wineries have discovered the various features and benefits plastic tanks offer that make them an excellent choice for their wine storage needs. Some of these benefits are:

Flexibility - Allows for heat expansion during fermentation
Tight Seal - Wine remains microbiologically stable
Heavy Side Wall - Makes for a strong, durable tank with a long life span
Lightweight - Easy to maneuver
Narrow Diameters Available - Saves Valuable Space
Inexpensive - More cost effective than alternative tanks

Polyethylene Plastic Storage Tanks Available for Winery and Vineyard Use:

Chemical Tanks
Vertical Bulk Tanks
25 - 16,000 gal
Cone-Bottom Tanks
Cone-Bottom Tanks
70 - 11,850 gal
Industrial bulk storage tanksInductor Tanks
15 - 60 gal


Water Storage and Transport Tanks

For all wineries and vineyards, water is a precious resource. Water is used in many valuable ways.

  • Vine irrigation - Depending on the variety of grapes, climate and soil condition, it takes approximately 160,000 gallons of water to irrigate one acre of vines per year.
  • Sprinklers for frost protection - During frost type conditions, approximately 50 gallons of water per minute per acre can be used.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of wine making equipment - These processes account for the majority of water usage in wineries
  • Fire suppression Systems - Sometimes mandatory but always a wise idea. These systems vary in size based on winery size, structures and government regulations

Loomis has a wide selection of water tanks to meet these critical needs:

Below Ground Water Tanks for Storage and more - Cistern Water Tank
Below Ground Tanks & Cisterns
325 - 50,000 gal